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Our Mission

Trauma Resources International (“TRI”), RRT&C’s non-profit arm, is assisting the hurricane relief efforts in Haiti. We are partnering with FOUNDATION IDEO, who we worked alongside following the catastrophic earthquake of 2010, and through many years of organized violence. This locally-based NGO is Haiti’s premier provider of culturally appropriate mental health services for adults and children. If you are interested in donating to our efforts, please click the link below to be redirected to Amber’s letter on the TRI site.

Trauma Resources International Support for Haiti


The mission of Restorative Resources Training & Consulting (“RRT&C”) is to collaborate with existing individual and communal resources to support systems of healing and well-being that promote resiliency, are culturally congruent and respectful. From individual psychotherapy to organizational development, I utilize a strength-based, systemic approach. The spirit of all RRT&C’s work is reciprocity.


The Kint Institute is accepting applications for its second year Certificate Program in The Creative Arts and Trauma


Amber’s chapter, co-authored with Dr. Stephen Porges, “Polyvagal-informed Dance Movement Therapy with Children who Shut Down” is hot off the press

Click Here to Read Amber’s Most Recent Publication on her Polyvagal Informed Dance/Movement Therapy


Amber Gray and colleague Tarrie Burnett spoke on their programs for to empower Refugee Women at the UN Convention on Women, March 17, 2017

View Past Event and Photos here


Amber shares her experience of meeting Emilie Conrad and discovering Continuum Movement

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Amber’s latest podcast: A Tool Kit for Post Election Distress Syndrome with Amber Gray.Have you felt immobilized by the results of this presidential election? Shut down? Off-balance? Somatic psychologist, Amber Gray, talks with Sharon Weil about how terror and fear affect the body, creating either a shutting down response or an impulse towards fight or flight action. She provides essential and helpful insight and tools for finding calm, restoration, and a return to mobility and social engagement after difficult events. These tools apply to any stressful, shocking, or life-altering change. Listen and find comfort in her words.

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Read Amber’s latest publication on Continuum Movement, Somatic Psychotherapy and Trauma in Somatic Psychotherapy Today



Listen here to Amber’s recent podcast in Sharon Weil’s changeability series.



Listen here to Amber’s recent podcast in Sharon Weil’s changeability series.



Amber is a featured change expert in Sharon Weil’s newest book, ChangeAbility: How Artists, Activists and Awakeners Navigate Change. Available wherever good books are sold!



Introducing the Kint Institute’s Creative Arts Therapies and Trauma Certificate Program
The Kint Institute is pleased to announce our post-masters certificate training program on the Creative Arts Therapies and Trauma, launching Fall, 2016.
The training program begins in September in New York City at the beautiful IAC building. Explore www.kintinstitute.org for more details, including training curriculum, application, as well as information about our cutting-edge faculty.
We are welcoming applications for our inaugural cohort of creative arts therapists and clinicians of other disciplines who are interested in the arts and trauma treatment. Please consider joining us, as well as sharing the website with colleagues who may be interested.
If you have any questions or want more information, don’t hesitate to reach out atinfo@kintinstitute.org



Read another recent publication here: Continuums Fluid Strength; an Inside Ed piece in the current (Summer) issue of Dance International Magazine



Ambers review of Dr van der Kolk’s book The Body Keeps the Score published in the American Journal of Dance Therapy



Read Amber’s Latest Article: What Language Does Your Body Speak: Some Thoughts on Somatic Psychotherapies in International Contexts



Listen to Ambers interview at The West Coast Trauma Project



Listen to Amber’s interview with Sharon Weil on Passing 4 Normal



Check out Amber’s latest chapter, The broken body: Somatic perspectives on surviving torture in Therapists creating a cultural tapestry: Using the creative therapies across cultures, by S. L. Brooke & C. E. Myers



Check out Dance Movement Therapy with Refugee and Survivor Children: A Healing Pathway is a Creative Process, Amber’s latest chapter, published in “Creative Interventions with Traumatized Children” edited by Cathy Malchiodi, Guilford Press, 2014.
Click on link for ordering information:



Amber’s chapter on Continuum Movement and founder/originator Emilie Conrad published in Inner Dialogues in Daily Life. This chapter is a personal account of Amber’s journey with Continuum Movement, and its bold and innovative originator and teacher, Emilie Conrad. The chapter also covers Ambers work in conflict and disaster affected areas.
Click on link for ordering information:



Amber co-authors chapter on Refugee Mental Health Screening; for information on this first-of-its-kind book about refugee health:



Download Amber Gray’s KBAC Radio Free Santa Fe Interview
with Honey Harris on July 5
(right click this link and “save as.”)


About Amber Gray

Amber Gray is a licensed mental health professional and psychotherapist, registered dance movement therapist and public health professional with extensive experience… More

Trauma Resources International

Amber Gray is also the founder of Trauma Resources International, a nonprofit organization that provides herapeutic training for disaster zones
& areas of social upheaval…. Website

Continuum Santa Fe

Continuum movement practice engages the body in the totality of our current physical reality, increases mobile flexibility, motility, well-being, creativity, innovation, adaptability and vitality on many levels… Website


Amber Gray works locally and travels widely, into war zones, refugee camps, scene of natural disaster promoting strength, love and healing, abroad
and at home…. Galleries