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Home » Event » Body as Voice—Restorative Movement Psychotherapy with Survivors of Trauma Part 2

Body as Voice—Restorative Movement Psychotherapy with Survivors of Trauma Part 2

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Date(s) - 12/09/2016 - 12/12/2016
All Day



This course Is the second in the three part Body as Voice series.

Body as Voice prepares DMT’s in training to work with the complex needs of survivors of trauma. As information about the nature, effect and impact of trauma on our bodies and our lives continues to emerge, endorsement for the use of non-verbal and body based therapies grows. DMT is uniquely positioned at the crossroads of somatic and creative arts therapies, and this course provides participants with somatic clinical processing skills to support survivors of trauma to heal and restore.

Part 1, which emphasizes the restoration of Relative Safety and Stability, is the foundation for the somatic processing skills we learn in Part 2. The emphasis of this course is on embodiment of resources and relatively safe, somatic processing of trauma narratives, to support integration and action. Contact and Connection (Phase 2) and Weaving the Narrative/Meaning Making (phase 3) are the emphasis of this 4 day class.

This 4 day advanced class integrates polyvagal informed DMT, co-developed by the instructor and Dr. Porges, within the instructors trauma and resiliency framework and restorative movement approach. The emphasis of this course is:

  1. Continuing to cultivate somatic self-awareness
  2. Ongoing mitigation of vicarious trauma
  3. Dampening arousal in the nervous system, for our clients and ourselves
  4. Strengthening and deepening the therapeutic relationship
  5. Enhancing somatic listening skills
  6. Contact, connection and relatedness through promotion of internal states of calm, playfulness and social engagement
  7. “State-shifting” to resource through the body, dampen negative affect, restore internal and external connection to positive affect and pleasure
  8. Integrate breath, body and movement based practices and processes into trauma processing to restore meaning and belonging.

For information: westcoastdancemovementtherapy@gmail.com