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    1. Shanly

      Thanks for your update. I was curious what your take was….please stay in touch. I wonder if I can go down to help at a later date…I am a SE therapist now…are you in Santa Fe now…are you going down?

    2. WingedMercury

      >So good to see you blogging again and helping us hear the voices of Haiti, its laments and shouts and it's songs of hope the world needs as teachers.

    3. kleinburg2k

      >This is very interesting.
      I would like to visit Haiti in the future and help them in any possible way.
      Its music is beautiful and its people is so nice.

    4. stev

      >Just came across this; and wanted to say thanks for writing. My wife and I have worked in Int Dev for the past ten years, and have felt and witnessed the "unravelling" of so many aid workers following crises as well as through years of low grade stress and frustration.

      We recently started Satori Worldwide, which aims to offer retreats to aid workers a chance to take stock and gain perspective on their life and experience HOW to make it more balanced. Armies of zombies rushing from emergency to emergency are harming themselves and being nowhere near as effective at helping their target communities as they could be.

      Thanks for this observation.

      Steve Munroe
      Co-Founder, Satori Worldwide

    5. Jessi Cross

      >Amber, your description of the land and people of Sudan is so moving. I love the idea of nurturing the the seeds of protective cultural practices, even or especially in places where those practices are in hiding or at risk of going extinct. I look forward to hearing more about your time in Sudan when you come back to the States!

    6. WingedMercury

      >Thank you Amber. How strong the forces against hope are in the world right now! I want to re-read Cornel West's book on Democracy and be reminded of what resilience can mean in the long run and offer mantras for what comes next for Haitians.

    7. maria sangiorgi

      hello Amber
      dont forget to add Italy to your events
      love Maria

    8. Sam Berne

      Hi Amber
      I really enjoyed your blog about Australia & Haiti. What depth! Looking forward to hearing more & to our get together in March.

      Best Wishes