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recep tayyip erdogan
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Teaching, Training & Consultation

Trainings are available in: (partial list; please inquire for additional training information)
  • The Center Post Trauma & Resiliency Framework
  • Restorative Movement Psychotherapy
  • Trauma and the Body
  • Somatic Approaches to Working with Survivors of Extreme Trauma
  • Resiliency Practice
  • The Embodiment of Resiliency
  • Our Resilient Nature
  • Understanding and Managing Stress
  • Managing Stress Under Fire
  • Somatic and Creative Approaches for Self Care: A Play-Shop
  • The Impact of Childhood Trauma
  • Experiential Activities for Working with Traumatized Children
  • Inviting the Sacred into Treatment
  • Culture as Resource
  • Authentic Movement
  • Tending the Helper’s Fire: Individual and Organizational Approaches to Promote Wellness “Human experience is a continuum from the sacred to the mundane”

Consultation is available in:
1. Individual and Organizational Staff Care and Resiliency Practice
2. Staff Support for trauma-focused and trauma-informed programs
3. Clinical Program development and implementation
4. Integration of Creative, Somatic and Mindfulness-based programs into clinical teamwork

Individual clinical supervision and consultation, on-site and virtual, is available for students and professionals interested in pursuing a career in humanitarian relief work; creative, somatic and movement based therapies; staff care; community-based mental health; torture treatment and refugee mental health; and the integration of all of the above.