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Continuum Santa Fe & Australia®

Continuum Santa Fe

Continuum is a movement practice pioneered by Emilie Conrad that engages the body in the totality of our current physical reality. Continuum increases mobile flexibility, motility, well-being, creativity, innovation, adaptability and vitality on many levels. Unlike movement practices that rely on fixed patterns or postures, Continuum movement enables us to access our capacity for fluid, free, non-constrained movement, which enhances a sense of youthfulness, aliveness and well-being. By teaching us to reduce physical limitations through the innovation of movement, we can counter the “densifying” process of aging and stress, and increase our perceptual and mental awareness. Continuum is particularly beneficial to restore movement and resilience after injury, illness and chronic stress. As a movement form, it has relaxing and rejuvenating properties not unlike yoga and tai chi, and can be as active, energizing and aerobic as dance – even for the “non” dancer!

Continuum has been used in multiple settings with a variety of people: Practitioners and lovers of the movement arts and sciences; survivors of injury, trauma and illness; children and adults; in combination with other movement and body based forms and practices; and in educational, mental health, physical education, and spiritual programs and settings.

Amber Gray, MPH, MA, LPCC, BC-DMT, NCC is an authorized continuum movement teacher, an award winning dance movement therapist, a licensed psychotherapist, and a movement artist and facilitator with over 25 years experience working with survivors of human rights abuses, chronic illness, chronic pain conditions, traumatic injury, interpersonal trauma, and loss. She offers private sessions for injury, trauma and chronic illness, and specializes in Continuum Movement for survivors of trauma and extreme forms of interpersonal violence that directly affect one’s relationship to the body. She blends Continuum, Dance Movement Therapy, Somatic Psychology, Somatic Experiencing, Life Impressions Bodywork, and years of experience in the field in her sessions, classes and workshops. Classes are held ongoing in Santa Fe, NM and workshops are offered worldwide. Virtual (Skype) sessions are also offered. Following is a partial list of Continuum class and workshop offerings:

  • Threshold Continuum
  • The Alchemical Body
  • Elemental Continuum
  • Continuurhythm®
  • Continuum at the Edge
  • Dancing the Wild Home
  • Resiliency Practice
  • Our Resilient Nature
  • Deep Roots Movement
  • Earth Ears: Listening Practice
  • The Art of Spine
  • Wellsprings : A Restorative Process
  • Restoring our Core Rhythmicity
  • Reclaiming our Edges: Continuum for Survivors of Interpersonal Trauma
  • Bathing the Bones
  • Lifestreams: Continuum as Movement Medicine

Continuurhythm® is here

Continuurhythm® is a movement art, science and practice. Continuurhythm® movement therapy has its roots in ancient practice and current science; it is Amber’s unique integration of the practical and the mystical to promote, support and engage the restorative process for those of us whose lives are deeply affected by loss and trauma. Private sessions available now; classes coming soon. Learn more here: Continuurhythm® Power Point