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Home » Event » Amber teaches at the Continuum Movement Studio in Santa Monica! “Radical Freedom”

Amber teaches at the Continuum Movement Studio in Santa Monica! “Radical Freedom”

Published on March 6th, 2013 by in Continuum
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Date(s) - 03/06/2013 - 03/08/2013
All Day

Continuum Studio


RADICAL FREEDOM: Continuum, Trauma and The Restorative Process

It is every human beings birthright to inhabit our bodies in the way we choose.
However, many members of our global community are subjected to episodes of violence, abuse, loss, pain and suffering that can severely diminish our full body being and presence.

The demands of life–pressure, speed, stress, noise–our own histories, and exposure to traumatic experiences can all impact our fluid nature. In a very real sense, we “lose our beat.”
Continuum movement offers us the opportunity to reengage with the fluid nature of our own lives–our tissue, movement, feeling and thought systems, relationships, communities–and to restore our natural coherence and rhythmicity.

This workshop will explore the essential role of Continuum Movement in the restorative process for those who have suffered traumatic life experiences. We will look deeply at restoring fluidity in tissue, movement, and our feeling/psychic states.

We will learn about the nature of trauma and the many ways it impacts those who encounter traumatic experiences, and why some of us (and not all of us) are imprinted by them. We will investigate the relevance of the Poly Vagal Theory and Social Engagement System in our work and practice.

We will explore Continuum Movement sequences and other movement experiences that have been used in a variety of contexts (from individual work to large scale disaster response). This workshop will prepare participants to use Continuum Movement for self-care, client work and group-work.

March 6-8, 2013. For more details go to


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