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Home » Event » Ancient Memories….A Journey Into Our Human Origins: Emilie Conrad

Ancient Memories….A Journey Into Our Human Origins: Emilie Conrad

Published on April 18th, 2013 by in Continuum
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Date(s) - 04/18/2013 - 04/21/2013
All Day

The Scottish Rite Temple


Ancient Memories….A Journey Into Our Human Origins
Emilie Conrad

April 18-21, 2013
New Mexico

For More Info and to Register
Contact Amber Gray

Recently two scientists were given the Nobel Prize for deprogramming the time-space of the cell back to its original stem cell “totipotency”.

Expanding the time-space of the human system has been a center-piece of Continuum for many years. Once again, the limitations placed upon the human body lie outside mainstream thought and continues to limit our participation within our own bio-world.

Continuum from the very beginning has taught our bodies are a species-inclusive wonder enveloping billions of years of evolving structures from the ocean depths, to the soaring of wings, to the thrashing of tails. The language of these ancient memories communicates to us through movement orchestrations echoing through our bodies the immensity of
what it means to be human.

The greater the expanse of engagement for any living system, the greater the increase of potent nourishment. The more varied our systems become, the greater will our physical, mental and spiritual health increase.

This workshop is dedicated to bring to those who participate: the wonders of fluid resonance, the adventures of our spines, the spirals of diaphragmatic breath, and moving streams of consciousness bonding us to our planetary home.

Flyer here.

Register online here.

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