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Home » Event » Continuum Movement Dive Evening: What the Spine Knows

Continuum Movement Dive Evening: What the Spine Knows

Published on August 11th, 2015 by in Continuum
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Date(s) - 08/11/2015

The Movement Workshop


What the Spine Knows: Dancing Our Core with Continuum Movement

Our Spine is a pathway that spans our ancestral and evolutionary origins to our future potential. As axis mundi, we connect heaven and earth in our bodies core; as poto mitan, we encounter our universal Center. Our spine is core support, fluid strength, and gravity dancer.

Continuum is a movement practice
Inspired by the fluid undulations of Haitian dance that enables us to move beyond our ‘every day body’ with its rigid and repetitive patterns of movement, and to open into our flowing, sensuous body.

Through a rich variety of breath, sound and subtle movement explorations we will experience our capacity for free, flowing, non-constrained movement. Engaging in new ways with gravity, we promote adaptability and Core strength.


Amber Gray is both a longtime practitioner of body centered arts and sciences (somatic psychology, Life Impressions Body-work, Dance movement therapy, energy medicine, cranio-sacral therapy, yoga, and shiatsu), and an advocate of human rights.

She is an authorized Continuum teacher, and a licensed mental health professional.

She has worked internationally and nationally as an activist, an artist, a mental health professional, a program director and a trainer/consultant on behalf of victims of human rights abuses for over twenty-five years.

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