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Home » Event » Continuum Santa FE Dive Series: Raining It In

Continuum Santa FE Dive Series: Raining It In

Published on March 19th, 2013 by in Continuum
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Date(s) - 03/19/2013

Mountain's Lap


Raining It In:
Exploring Bioplasticity through Continuum Movement

Neuroplasticity’s contributions to our current understanding of the brain –previously considered a physiologically static organ– suggests we can create, and re-create, aspects of our lives in response to our own, and shared, experience. Movement is an immediate portal to the direct experience of the body.

Continuum Movement is inspired by sounding and fluid, moving sequences. Movement and sound explorations expand our physical and psychic capacities in ways our “usual mind” cannot. Continuum honors our ancient connection to water, to the environment and to the entire cosmos, inherited through our evolution Bioplasticity is perhaps the next wave in our evolutionary unfolding: As experience carves new neural pathways and expands the capacity of our brain, so innovations in our movement and action might increase our capacity to connect to the worlds around us, increasing our abilities for fully engaged sensing, feeling, dreaming, creating, moving and living.

Cost: $35/evening, sliding scale available

Information and Registration: Amber Gray, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher, 505-603-7021


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