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COSMOTION: A Tail of Three Anatomies

Published on December 20th, 2016 by in Continuum
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Date(s) - 12/20/2016

MOVE Studio


Once upon a time, we had tails. The human tailbone and spine contain the memory of our evolutionary “intailigence”; how we once sensed the world and perhaps even expressed ourselves. This Continuum Movement evening series integrates Continuum Movement’s Three Anatomies – cultural, primordial and cosmic — with an exploration of our natural, primal movement through spine and tail memory. Our earliest movement patterns were formed through the rhythms and undulations of the spine. Fluid, dynamic, spiraling movement allows for greater ease and range of movement and offers us new movement patterns to free us from the “lock-down” of social conditioning. Recent research on fascia demonstrates that true fitness must include slow movement practices and that mindful movement literally “grows” our brains. We will explore movement sequences ranging from gentle and relaxing to primal and free.

WHEN: TUESDAYS October 25, November 22 & December 20, 2016 6-9 PM
WHERE: MOVE, 901 West San Mateo, Santa Fe, NM
COST: $35.00 per class, $ 90 for the Series

For registration and information contact Amber E. Gray: 505-603-7021