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Home » Event » Psoas Above, Psoas Below: Embodying Ground and Sky

Psoas Above, Psoas Below: Embodying Ground and Sky

Published on June 28th, 2016 by in Continuum
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Date(s) - 06/28/2016

MOVE Studio


The psoas spirals, fans and webs as it connects our core to our ground. This “dive” series explores the psoas as a muscle­moving ­continuum from core strength to spiraling dancer that may increase our capacity for moving diversity. Moving from the emergent evolutionary “edges” of the psoas, we play with it as a promoter of flexibility, freedom and fluidity. That the psoas is important to physical and emotional health is well known; this series will also explore moving relationships between the psoas, heart and head using simple sound streams, movement sequences and breath.

When: TUESDAYS MAY 31, JUNE 28, JULY 19 at MOVE: 901 W. San Mateo, Santa Fe 6­-9 PM; $35/class

For more information and registration: Amber Gray, Authorized Continuum Movement Teacher: 505­ 603-­7021

Download Full Flyer Here