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Read Amber’s article in Somatic Psychotherapy Today: Staying Present: The Body and Culture

PDF of Amber’s recent article on working with war trauma, in Somatic Psychotherapy Today: War’s Betrayal

Amber is interviewed for “International Business Times” article on Dance Movement Therapy: Dance Therapy: A Profession With its Own Rhythm

Amber’s work mentioned in the July, 2011 edition of Shambala Sun. Click to view the PDF.

The American Dance Therapy Association awarded Amber the 2010 “Outstanding Achievement Award” on Friday, September 24, 2010 at the 45th Annual Conference, Creating the Mind-Body Mosaic: Theory, Research and Practice in Dance/Movement Therapy, at the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, New York.

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Twenty Years On: Are We Making Progress in Staff Support? In People In Aid’s June-September, 2010 Newsletter Click to download in PDF format.

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A Few Words of Gratitude” in American Dance Therapy news, Volume 44, Number 4: Click to download in PDF format.

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In The News: Recent News Coverage

Amber Gray and John Fawcett on the status of staff support in humanitarian emergencies, click here to view the PDF

“Counselors struggle to save minds traumatized by destruction, death in Haiti” By John Lantigua, Palm Beach Post. Click to view story and video.

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“Santa Feans answering Haiti’s call for aid” Phaedra Haywood . The New Mexican. Click to vew a PDF Copy.

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“An Interview with Amber Gray on Dance Movement Therapy and Social Engagement.” Video interview, Click to view.

Santa Fe Radio Café, Tuesday January 15th, 2008. Radio Interview. Available online at:

“An Interview with Amber Gray on Dance Movement Therapy and Social Engagement.” Interview on Available online here:

“Women Veterans Meet at Conference in Las Cruces” Interview on KUNM Radio, available online at: