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Quotes and Comments from Amber’s Courses:

“Loved all the new interventions I can use right away. Would like to attend 2 day workshop.”

“Enjoyed the practical examples & experiential nature of the training. Feel confident I can use this in daily practice with all clients”

“The training was focused on different treatment modality which was beneficial for me working w/ refugees or general population dealing with trauma. Great presentation and loved hands on demonstration”

“loved it! The best training!”

“Thoroughly enjoyed her training. Kept audience involved. Great information given. Truly eye opening”

“I hope everyone is doing fine and caring for himself/herself and helping other colleagues at work even small talks on staff care with the knowledge we had. Special thanks to our facilitators and all of you for that workshop. It was very fruitful. ”

“I found it very useful and stimulating, very applicable to client work. I’d love to have her again to talk more about how to integrate body based work with clients. Always great to get an injection of inspiration.”

“Well done you. Thanks for your awesome effort for the care of the staff of our organizations. The training was indeed a success. You rock.”

“Wanted to let you know that I have been doing the breathing exercises first thing in the morning that I learned at your last continuum and I have to tell you how connected the breathing makes me feel. I really can feel a difference. I have done Pilates twice now after doing the breathing and there is such a difference in my body. Feeling is proof.”

“it was tough to really think a bout all the wars, abuse, rape, murder, racism,…going on all around us, but it was excellent in that it really made me rethink assumptions that I wasn’t even aware of.”

“First, refugees and asylum seekers may not necessarily think that coming to the US is a great opportunity for them since most of them probably never even wanted to come here. Second that once people are here, they should be glad they live in the land of the free, and be damned grateful etc. I just had not really thought deeply about all the trauma and loss and how hard it would be to integrate here. I feel much more open-minded about people’s different experiences and how that colors their world and how I need to be especially sensitive to immigrants and not make blanket assumptions.”

“I really admire her.”

“I was so filled with richness, and the wealth of resources that you orchestrate from your experiences and profoundly deep work and that you bring out from all. Your session and the movement experiences became the themeatic exploration and foundation for my opening to the rest of the conference. A small group that I moved with discovered a common theme of opening doors, acknowledgement, and support. So, that is my soundbyte for this year….”

“Dear Amber,
Great update today to the Interaction staff care working group on the Haiti staff care work that you and John have been supporting and leading. It is just great to see you leading a coordination effort in this way. I am on the listserv and appreciate the minutes and updates.”

“I gained an extensive overview of some of the core ideas in the somatic and creative approach to approach -as well as a great collection of tools to apply to this work…Amber is so knowledgeable and she teaches with great compassion and a humanistic vision.”

“…The course structure, the instructor’s deep commitment, the field of trauma treatment she introduced to the class, were all perfect and wonderful and are deeply appreciated by the students.”

“I learned a lot about working with people in deep stress or trauma. Many ways to work with the body to help people reconnect.”

“The instructor is extremely intelligent, skilled, experienced in the course material; as well as personable and engaged with participants. Very fluid. LOVE HER! SHE’S GREAT!”

“Amber is great…so much knowledge wisdom and knowledgeable and experience and humbleness. I could spend so much more time just listening. I am excited to earn from her; she is empowering.”

“Excellent instruction; very attentive to group needs.”

“The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and creative…and communicated effectively a dedication to somatic healing.”

“The class was very useful, practical, adaptable to a myriad of clients. The instructor knows what she it talking about, has field experience and tremendous knowledge that I will utilize with any client population that I work with.”

“I learned a lot about the body’s responses to trauma, as well as clinical applications for this knowledge. Amber is knowledgeable and skilled instructor who presented academically and experientially based material. She also held the safety and comfort of the students in mind at all times.”

“[Instructor is] matter-of-fact and clear in communicating issues around trauma, and excellent at group leadership.”

“Where to begin? From different biological models to working cross culturally…differences between grief and trauma, the particular unique components of trauma, ways of accessing, resourcing, supporting, communicating with special populations….I am so incredibly excited by this information. Amber is sharing of her experiences and the potential for his work. I have come to fully recognize how absolutely essential and invaluable this work is. Amber is a phenomenal teacher; she has an absolute wealth of knowledge. She graciously shared this knowledge with us in a solid, understandable manner while giving much honor and respect towards the people she’s worked with and those of us supervising.”

“Amber models a strong self-reflective, experience and well-informed approach to this kind of work. The knowledge she shares is invaluable for working with traumatized children.”

“Amber Gray brings such a wealth of experience to this course. I cannot imagine more informed or more inspiring teacher , given her work with such a wide range of clients (ages, nationalities, traumatic experiences). The essentials of trauma work were amplified well with experiential activities. THANK YOU!”

“I learned volumes about ways to work with children and trauma, about how the brain and our biology interrelate with our relationships to affect functioning, about different multicultural/international issues, and perhaps most importantly that this is what I really want to be doing with my life in the very near future.”

“This class presented a good mix of academic and experiential elements. It provided many ideas for working with clients, and the suggestions for further reading were also very helpful.”

“The instructor has an incredible grasp and presentation of experiential treatment of trauma.”

“She is a great instructor and highly motivating. Amber is sensitive to class needs as well as course material. The spontaneity on the room, was very much alive. The instructor brings a wealth of experience to the classroom.”

“Amber brings a really rich teaching experience to her classes. She’s very comfortable and adapts easily energetically. I think she offers an incredible amount of useful understanding to apply in therapeutic settings.”

“Amber is an incredible teacher and has been invaluable to my training/education. Her experience and creativity in the application and integration of counseling skills has given me the greatest understanding of the work. Her wisdom is a huge asset to the class.”

” I learned a lot about the brain, my spine, and how important they are in order to keep me here on the ground – a vital force. Teaching breathing techniques and grounding techniques are important for working with a person who is traumatized. I also learned a lot about PTSD. Amber is very knowledgeable in this work. I enjoyed her easy going and clear sharing about her work with survivors of trauma.”

“Amber is a motivating, inspiring, and fun instructor. I learned how to utilize natural movement to communicate and allow others to express their core sense of self. I am more aware of my own physical body. I am also more aware of the various opportunities allowed me to do this work internationally.”

“Amber brings a wealth of understanding of trauma/torture/war, multiculturalism and real world experience and practicality. She obviously knows this subject in great depth.”

“Instructor did an excellent job of keeping us on track. Powerful balance of structure and flow; organization and responsiveness to group needs.”

“Amber is a thorough, sincere and excellent communicator, both with content an experiential material.”

“A wealth of practical information from Amber sharing her experience re: how she’s worked s a counselor – this real life experience and wisdom is so valuable to students, especially when integrated with intuition. I learned so much.”